AVG Free Antivirus 2017 Latest Full Version Download

AVG is one of the most popular software company known for designing high end security solutions for various devices to provide maximum protection against threats. AVG Free Antivirus 2017 is one of the free and latest full version security software available for PC’s to download and get protection against the vulnerable threats.

AVG Free Antivirus 2017 Free Virus Scanner:

AVG Antivirus program is designed to protect you all day from the dangerous cyber threats by updating itself to the latest and emerging threats. It secures your Computer, Web, Identity, e-mail and Firewall protected from various threats. The powerful antivirus engine performs scans and removes viruses, spywares, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other possible threats that can change the behavior of the system. It scans through different areas of PC and lets you schedule scans by selecting a particular area which is suspected of getting virus affected. It finds the hidden rootkits and optimizes the system performances with its speed scanning functions. The daily updates of AVG Free Antivirus helps you to detect the latest threats by effective scans on PC.

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The program features a PC Analyzer that checks for registry errors, junk files, broken downloads and removes it for better optimization. It also includes a disk defragmenter which eventually defrags the hard drives and optimizes the system. While talking about online safety there is a Link scanner that performs scans on websites that you visit and alerts about the unsafe links. The link scanner provides an advanced layer of security against the hidden threats on website, verify the web pages and links. It also includes a File shredder which lets you permanently delete the files from your PC. The e-mail scanner and Antispam module helps to block the dangerous e-mail attachments and keep your mailbox clean.

AVG Antivirus for Multi-device Protection:

The free AVG Antivirus application helps you to protect multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android phones and tablets from its dashboard. Its intuitive interface helps you to customize protections for various devices and Zen enabled provides protection to your family and all the devices absolutely free. The easy to use dashboard lets you manage all your devices and its protection levels by customizing the security features.

AVG Free Antivirus 2017 Latest Full Version Download Features:

  • Free Antivirus program
  • Cloud based Real-time outbreak detection method
  • Updates regularly to detect the latest threats
  • Powerful scans on PC
  • E-mail scanner block dangerous mail attachments
  • Link scanner verifies the safety of websites
  • PC Analyzer checks for registry errors, junk files etc
  • Includes a disk defragmenter
  • Multi-device protection
  • File shredder to remove a file permanently
  • Intuitive Interface with easy to use dashboard
  • Zen-enabled extends the protection

System Requirements for AVG Free Antivirus 2017:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit)

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  1. I had avg. and it could NOT remove a threat from my computer. had to leave avg trying to remove the treat and down load malwarebytes and that program removed all treats. I have used avg for years and never had a problem ?????????

  2. i’ve set up my phone with AVG Anti-Theft, so it happened that i forgot my password, so i can nolonger use my phone, what should i do?

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