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Download McAfee Antivirus Plus free trial version for 180 days without any subscription and get the license use for limited period only. The Product includes all the features and functions to keep your PC safe from all kinds of viruses. McAfee is an Intel product that brings the top Antivirus Products to the market and now it is McAfee Antivirus Plus which is launched and allows downloading it free subscription for 180 days in a trial basis.

These day’s so much Antivirus Applications are emerging and every Antivirus pretends to be the best, but comparing with other Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus plus is the trusted Antivirus software for every device that you own. It gives protection to multiple devices Windows, Mac OS, Android and Tablets with one time subscription. McAfee Antivirus plus has three types of scanning functions quick scan, full scan and custom scan that features Automatic scans in the background to detect viruses, spyware and other threats even if you are busy doing your work. But McAfee Antivirus plus Application work in many ways like an Antivirus, Firewall, Data shredder, online backups and also works as optimized scan engines that ensures your system gives better performance and doesn’t slow it down.

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Once you download McAfee Antivirus plus in your PC you will get a 180 days license free for single or personal use. After you download McAfee Antivirus plus it automatically updates the product and virus definitions for limited period. But all the features are as the same like the real license product has, but the free trial period for 180 days can anytime be ended without any prior notice. Download it to avail the service free for 180 days.

Features of McAfee Antivirus plus:

  • Vulnerability scanner removes the outdated software and also notifies when there is any update is needed to new software installed in your PC
  • McAfee Quick clean deletes the temporary files by clearing the memory, giving faster performance to your PC
  • McAfee Data Shredder deletes the sensitive files permanently that can cause to PC
  • WI-FI connections are also protected, as it keeps track on the networks
  • Optimized scan engines optimizes the system which improves the performance of PC by new and improved scan engines.
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