MixPad Audio Maker (Mixer) Free Download

MixPad audio maker is multi-track recording application that lets you record and mixes the audio song on your Windows PC. You can easily mix and produce your own music tracks with the application tools and features. There are several features in this application with audio effects, EQ, reverb, and even with a VST plug-ins that allows you to use wide range of effects to apply on audio tracks. The application lets you record a single track or you can add large number of tracks in your mix. It has a free music library and sound clips that you can use to produce mix.Mixpad, Mixpad Audio Mixer, Mixpad Audio Maker Download, Mixpad Audio Maker Image.

The application interface has buttons like media player and also the time indicators to create, edit and mix the sound tracks. It features a recording device, output folder, and the audio options with sample rate and a clip manager that display the clips to add on various tracks. The zoom and expand controls allows you to view the entire audio clips on the main window, while the Pan slider shift the sound of track from the right channel to the left. It lets you mix up more than 100 audio tracks in a single click and can even import or record the audio files easily on your Computer. The application supports files with sampling frequency ranges from 6 kHz to 192 kHz.

MixPad audio maker is a multi-track recording and mixing tool that can be used by any novice users to produce professional sound tracks. You can mix unlimited music files, vocal and audio tracks in any of the file formats. The application has multiple options that lets you mix to mp3, burn to CD/DVD, upload audio, add audio effects including EQ, compress the audio data, reverb and many more. You can save the files in any format from wav files to high compression formats for uploading or sharing them online. Overall an easy to use application that create mash-up of your favourite songs, create sound tracks for videos or slideshows and mix voiceovers adding background music.

MixPad audio maker (Mixer) Features:

  • Mix unlimited no of music
  • Lets you record single or multiple tracks
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Save the audio mix in various formats
  • Supports sample rates from 6-96KHz
  • Mix to mp3, burn to CD/DVD, upload and share online
  • Add various audio effects
  • VST plug-in support
  • Make audio podcasts
  • Create mash-ups, record instruments and produce sound tracks

MixPad audio maker System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
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