SlimBrowser Free Download for Windows XP/7/8/10 (32/64 Bit)

Last updated: 27/04/2018.

SlimBrowser for Windows: Slimbrowser is the lightest web browser for Windows. It manages all browser features with Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This Web Browser helps to save passwords in the browser itself. It can be integrated with virus scanners to ensure complete security on a web browser. Although, it is the fastest web browser with lightning speed to upload or download of any file. It is free for both individual use and commercial applications. Also, it is free to be distributed over the internet either online or offline.


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Slimbrowser has integrated several features to improve the performance of different online tasks including downloading of large files, 10x faster browsing. It also allows customizing the web browser according to the convenience of the user which ultimately increases the productivity of the user.

Slimbrowser is an Open Source Project similar to Google Chrome Browser. It facilitates the password manager to store all passwords. It also allows the user to remove all the traces on the browser.

SlimBrowser Features:

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Auto Form Filler:

Got tired of filling every online Form? Use the SlimBrowser to store the form data once and fill every form with just a single click. Slim Browser maintains all the information.

Fast Download Manager:

In addition, you can download all the files from a web browser with faster and even resume the old downloads to complete the full process.

Facebook Integration:

Feel like sharing an important information on facebook? Integrate facebook plug-in in the Slim Browser to share the Information on your Facebook timeline.

YouTube Downloader:

Slimbrowser facilitates the browser with Special Video Downloader to save all favourite videos from video streaming sites like youTube.

Uploading Photo:

So, you can upload the images with 10 times faster on SlimBrowser and also edit the photos with basic photo editing features like adding frames to the images.

Web Translation:

Moreover, different people around the world use this application and English cannot be their native language to understand the functioning of the browser. SlimBrowser supports different Language Translation within a Web Page.

Browser Skins:

As well as the user may think of making different changes in the browser to make a creative look. Slimbrowser provides several skins to customize web browser.

Multiple Sites:

Hence, you can open multiple sites in one single browser without a change in the processing speed by using SlimBrowser. Writing a Journal or a Guide on a topic requires a bundle of information. So, it saves a lot of time by allowing the multiple websites to load at one time.

Ad blocker:

Besides, popup ads these are the topmost ads which create annoyance to the user. This software blocks all the ads on web pages and helps to surf the internet without any distractions.

SlimBrowser Pros and Cons:


  • It has multiple features.
  • And also fast processing.


  • Therefore, it is unable to load some websites.
  • It is very difficult to uninstall.

SlimBrowser System Requirements:

To conclude,

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10(32Bit / 64Bit).

RAM: 256MB.

File size: 3.9MB.

Download SlimBrowser For Windows:

Windows 32Bit ”

Windows 64Bit

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