Trend Micro Internet Security Review and Download

Last Updated: 16/4/2018

Trend Micro Internet Security provides superior online protection for the PC, so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It blocks dangerous websites, by giving you freedom from viruses, spyware and other malware by identifying sections on websites, E-mails, and instant messages. Also, Trend Micro designed to safeguard the social media websites as well. The following review highlights the advantages and reasons why every user should have Trend Micro downloaded on their PC.

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Parental Control:

The presence of Parental control in the Trend Micro Internet Security system aids the parents to restrict or filter online access for kids, thus limiting exposure to inappropriate websites. So, you can allow your children to enjoy the safe web with a maximum of security.

Ransomware Protection:

Designed with the latest anti-ransom technology prevents the files from being hostage. Malware coders distribute ransomware in a great way to rake in cash. In fact, most PC based ransomware focus on encrypting the essential documents and making the owner pay to get the decryption key. Trend Micro Internet Security system has a new folder shield component that prevents any unknown application from modifying documents that are presented in the protected folder.


Anti-Virus test for Trend Micro Internet Security has yielded 17.5 out of 18 making it stand as a top product. Trend Micro took 5.5 for protection. 6.0 For usability and 6.0 for performance.


Phishing URL’s are more insidious than URL’s that host malware. These frauds masquerade as PayPal, eBay, Bank sites and try to trick the user by making them enter login credentials. Although Once the credentials are entered the user is hosted. The fraudsters can clean out the bank account. Once a few people have fallen prey to their scam, they shut down the site and pop up in another place. Thus, Trend Micro is a trustworthy Anti-Phishing software which has a high detection rate of these threats.

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Social Media Threats:

Social Media websites like Facebook allow the users to post links. What if the link is bogus? What if the friend’s account taken over by a hacker?

Trend Micro has covered this as well. By default, it automatically highlights the links with colours. Green for safe, yellow for iffy, red for dangerous.

Firewall Booster:

The Firewall Booster feature introduced with the intent to provide vulnerability detection and botnet protection.

The key features:

Operates with Windows Firewall, but runs independently. Allowing Firewall Booster enables the Windows Firewall, and Firewall Booster does not manifest itself to Windows Security Center (WSC). The Firewall Booster links with Windows’ Firewall and also works with third-party firewalls. It also detects intrusion (IDS) and Botnet. Overall, Trend Micro’s latest version simple security made easy!

Spam Filter:

These days, most consumers get their spam filtered by their E-Mail providers. It has gotten to the point where some vendors are considering dropping the anti-spam component from their security suites. Bucking this trend, Trend Micro includes anti-spam in the standalone antivirus product.

System Requirements for Trend Micro Internet Security:

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32bit & 64bit)
  • 1GHz processor speed or higher
  • 1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB RAM for 64bit
  • At least, 1.5GB hard disk space
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